Kennebunk, Maine


Please read about our service rates and policies,

and note that we only accept ham radio rigs from licensed

Radio Amateurs with valid call signs.

You do not have to be a ham to have us service

your antique car radio. :-)


Our Rates

Our initial bench fee is $80, which covers an estimate. This fee is non-refundable. Smaller repair projects may qualify for a lower $50 initial bench fee.

The cost of parts, taxes (if applicable) is additional.

Additional charges are for actual work done, only. There are no charges for schematic diagram research, locating service manuals, parts-ordering time, telephone time, e-mail contact, etc. Estimates will include projected additional charges.

Although rare, a deposit may be required for expensive parts that need to be ordered.

If we determine a unit's condition has been misrepresented, whether intentional or not, we may deny services and return the unit at the customer's expense.

How We Communicate

We are primarily --- although not exclusively --- an Internet-based business. As such, e-mail is the primary mode of contact.


Prior authorization is required before shipping your equipment to us.

All return shipments are the responsibility of the customer. Make arrangements with the Mail-It Unlimited shop in Kennebunk, Maine. Upon completion of payment I deliver the serviced equipment to Mail-It, and the customer makes arrangements and payments with Mail-It.

When shipping equipment for repair, we recommend that you place the equipment in it's original carton. If the original carton isn't available, bubble wrap the equipment and place it into a box. Then, place the original carton or box inside another box, with a minimum of 2 to 4 inches of foam peanuts surrounding the two boxes.

Please include in the box all contact information (your name, address, phone #, callsign, and e-mail address). along with a description of your equipment's problem/s.

Be sure to insure for full replacement value!

Drop-off and pick-up of equipment at our shop is done at our discretion for pre-qualified customers only.


Payments are accepted via PayPal or cash. Personal cheques and US Postal Money Orders are accepted, however these instruments must clear our bank before work proceeds.


Out-of-band modifications are done only for legitimate purposes. We do not perform FCC-illegal modifications.

Automobile radios

We do not remove and re-install car radios. Customers are responsible for proper automobile radio removal and installation. We would be happy to provide advice, but we are limited to bench service only.

No third-party transactions

Absolutely no third-party transactions are accepted. We do not transact through third-parties. No third-party shipments are accepted.

If you purchase equipment that needs servicing, we will not accept shipment from the seller. The equipment must be shipped to us by you. If you decide to sell your equipment before or during repairs, we will only ship it back to you, not a buyer. Our invoice and warranty will apply to your name only, and is not transferrable.

Our Warranty

All repairs are warranted for a period of 90 days. This warranty applies to the actual repair only and to our workmanship only.

Vacuum tubes are not warranted under any circumstances. No other warranty is assumed or implied.

If an unrelated problem should arise during the warranty period, new repair charges may be applied, with prior customer approval.

Thank you!

Vy 73,

AI2Q, Alex


Kennebunk, Maine

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