This self-contained product detector is presently used with a Motorola R-390A receiver, however it could be used with almost any "boat anchor" that doesn't have one.

The circuit is designed for 455-kHz (kc.) intermediate frequency (IF) applications. It includes an AGC amplifier and rectifier.

The product detector itself uses a uA1496 or LM1496 Gilbert-cell chip.

Thanks to W2EMN (formerly WB2LHI), Ed, for the original inspiration, and thanks to reader Dan Merz for sharp eyes in catching schematic errors in my original diagram.

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The oscillator section uses crystal control to ensure stability, however you could modify the circuit to use a ceramic frequency-setting element. Substituting 500-kHz crystals would make it suitable for use with Collins 51J-x Series receivers.

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Below (L): R-390A with product detector chassis on top

Below (R): Close-up of product detector chassis

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